Metas has spent the last 30 years serving the community and helping young minds bloom to their full potential.


We pride ourselves in building a sense of family to nurture the growth of our students and instill in them a sense of confidence and perseverance.


Growing Numbers
250 Students Served
Each Semester

Each semester we accept over 250 students who range from preschooler to high school seniors.


Of the 250 we accept, we evenly split each grade group into cohorts of 30-40 students and pair them with tutors and college instructors that help them with their school work and academic development.


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All Time High
All Our Seniors
Graduate from High School

Since our inception, our program has been able to boast a high graduation rate from all our high school seniors.


The environments, struggles, and various circumstances may differ from student to student; but through that adversity our students are able to achieve success.


Onward and Upward
100% College Enrollment

After Graduation

Our exceptions of continual learning have left lasting impression on our students.


Every Fall semester our graduating seniors vigorously apply to as many state, private, and out-of-state universities with students who choose to attend Contra Costa College opting to transfer soon after.


Seniors exiting the program leave a trail of inspiration for the next generation of students to follow.

Guiding and preparing our children and their families for success changes the lives of those in our community. Fostering hope and teaching parents how to advocate for their child while navigating our educational system allows both parent and student tools to aid them in their success.

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This Program is Only Possible Through the Generous Contributions of Our Supporters


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